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Chubbies totally mocked Better than the Weekend’s logo for their newsletter, and we’re calling them out



If you’re not familiar with Chubbies, a short-short e-commerce startup with a cult following, you seriously need to question your style.

I personally love the shorts. However, I now have beef with the company that can’t be packed into a 5.5 inch inseam — because they shamelessly ripped off the Better than the Weekend logo for their newsletter.

These shorts are a complete

Posted by Chubbies on Thursday, February 4, 2016


There’s no need for me to break it down like a political commentator analyzing DACA — the similarities are strikingly obvious. 

Screenshot from Chubbies newsletter email.

Their graphic design team basically just treated the process of designing the logo like the end result of a blow job, or so it seems, adding some pineapple to try to make it better.

Chubbies was founded in 2011 by Kyle Hency, Rainer Castillo, Preston Rutherford, and Tom Montgomery — four bros whose names sound like romance novel characters from the deep south who met during their undergrad at Stanford. After several years in the post-grad job market, they decided to start a company centered around their love for retro-style short shorts they’d find at thrift shops or get handed down by their dads. To test the idea of their own line, the founders told Business Insider in a 2015 interview they made some short shorts and brought them to a Fourth of July celebration at Lake Tahoe. Can you get any more preppy white privileged than product testing at a Lake Tahoe party?

Unsurprisingly, the reaction assured them their product would resonate with bros and that they’d likely find success. After all, their shorts are pretty rad. That’s why I reached out their team in hopes to interview the founders in 2016 for a Better than the Weekend feature.

Facebook chat with Chubbies, August 2016.

It seems the marketing team was more interested in Better than the Weekend’s retro-style logo after checking out the site than press by a startup digital publication based in Scranton, PA. 

Not at all a surprise from a company that found killer success by recreating thrift shop finds and things they saw their dad had.

Perhaps the Chubbies team spends more time breaking laptops for a laugh on Snapchat and goofing off in the office than taking the time to generate original designs.

This is Tater. Tater is on our Customer Support Team. And Tater can dance like the wind. Not to mention sing with all the voices of the mountain.

Posted by Chubbies on Friday, October 23, 2015


Not going to lie, the Chubbies team is pretty funny. (But not completely original, as even that was a spoof.)

Maybe rich white boys in America think everything belongs to them and everything will just work out in their favor in the end?

Irish I had a pair of these

Posted by Chubbies on Friday, January 13, 2017


Regardless, Chubbies disappointed me. They’ve hit a semblance of success that should have them above treating their customers and followers like a Winklevoss twin. 

If your team liked the Better than the Weekend logo that much, the least you could have done was send us some short shorts and a compliment in appreciation for being your muse instead of turning down an interview and later recreating our logo for your newsletter.

In conclusion, are Chubbies shorts awesome? Totes. Will I ever buy a pair again? Probably not. Do shorts with copied designs exists elsewhere, perhaps for an even more affordable rate than $64.50 per pair? I don’t know. Do I think the founders are the Spencer Pratt’s of swimwear? You know it.

Chubbies did not immediately respond or offer to comment on the situation.

Not Fake News

Omarosa Is Convinced She Knows Who Wrote that Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed



The former White House aide said she dug through her emails and she got herself some clues.

The Late Show host Seth Meyers might have said it best: So after Trump’s public praise of Vladimir Putin, his attorney general’s meetings with Russians, his campaign chairman’s money laundering, his deputy campaign chairman’s tax fraud, his personal fixer’s secret shell company, his national security adviser’s lies to the FBI, his son’s attempt to get dirt from a foreign adversary and son-in-law’s secret back channels with that adversary, the person who could end up taking down the president of the United States is Omarosa.


Omarosa is still making her press rounds to promote her book about her time in the White House. But aside from exclusive tapes questioning POTUS’s mental health, she’s now weighing in on that New York Times Op-Ed everyone’s talking about, where a senior official in the Trump administration anonymously claimed to be part of the resistance from within.

“I took some time and went back and looked through all of my emails, particularly emails out of the vice president’s office, because the first time I read the op-ed, it just seemed kind of familiar to me,” Manigault Newman told Yahoo Finance on Tuesday. “After looking at memos and correspondence from the vice president’s office, I’m pretty convinced that it came from that way. Not just because of the term ‘lodestar,’ but because of the style and tone of it.”

The person she said she narrowed it down to as a likely suspect was Nick Ayers, a political strategist who has served as Pence’s chief of staff since July 2017, is one of the vice president’s most trusted aides.

Trump said last week that he wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the essay, declaring it a breach of “national security.” Shortly after the piece was published, the president also raged on Twitter, likening the story to treason.

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18-Year-Old Solves Six Rubik’s Cubes Underwater in Single Breath



Here’s one dude who’s unlikely to find trouble updating his Instagram bio.

Vado Marchelashvili, from the country Georgia, went underwater for one minute and 44 seconds and did something few can do above water with triple the time span. He solved six Rubik’s Cubes in one breath in an attempt to break a world record.

Officials with the Georgian Records Federation observed the teen as he attempted to break the now previous record-holder Anthony Brooks, who in 2014 solved five Rubik’s Cubes in a single breath, setting the world record at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.

To prepare for the event, the teen said he trained several hours a day for six months. “I trained a lot planning to break a record — and to ensure my safety, because even a small mistake could be dangerous and life-altering,” he said following the event, Reuters reports.

“I think my result will stay as a record for a long time,” he added. “I hope to break many other records.”

One thing’s for sure: I won’t be the guy attempting to break that record.

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Drunk Dude Accidentally Takes 300 Mile Uber Ride



Suddenly, I’m not as upset about my last drunk text.

Kenneth Bachman made it home to Sewell, New Jersey safely after a night of drinking his face off at a party earlier this year, thanks to a sober Uber driver. Thank God for Uber, right? But, once Kenneth made it home, the price tag of the blurry trip became clear: $1,635.93. Now’s probably a good time to mention the party he left was in Morgantown, West Virginia.

He explained to a Philly TV station he had been out with buddies near the campus of West Virginia University when he said he wanted to call it a night, so he ordered an Uber ride, which he didn’t quite recall doing, and then fell asleep.

“We went to a frat party and then went to the bar. I was getting drinks all night; I probably spent like $200 at the bar after already drinking all day,” said Kenneth. “Basically, I kinda just blacked out. The last thing I remember was being at the bar and then I just woke up in the Uber next to an older dude telling me I was an hour out from Jersey.”

Moral of the story? People in West Virginia party like fucking rockstars.

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