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The Chainsmokers Expose Ugly Robber with Tramp Stamp on Snapchat



The Chainsmokers are total fucking savages — and don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. Not only are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart commanding attention around the globe with lit chart-topping hits such as Don’t Let Me Down and Closer, but the DJ duo is vigorously taking on anyone who dares to fuck with their music-making process.


After Pall’s new piano was delivered to his house and left on his doorstep, two obese women clumsily stole the package and drove off with it. Unbeknownst to the thieves, Pall caught them on his security camera.


After Pall turned to the twitterverse to play Law & Order: SVU on the criminals at hand, he exposed the security footage on a Snapchat story — all while ripping them a new asshole.

“So this is my piano that I ordered, last night, getting stolen by these two fucking assholes,” Pall narrated while the visual of two robbers played.

“Cutie!” he later pointed out as the one woman’s shirt started riding up her love handles, exposing a tramp stamp.


“This is not like Oceans Eleven,” he joked as one of the thieves struggled to fit her arms around the box and insert the package in her back seat. “This is like Oceans Zero.


The Chainsmokers have been no stranger to speaking their mind and being uncensored in a celebrity culture where many only put out polished quotes to shy away from offending anyone. In a Sept. 2016 interview with Billboard Magazine, Pall bragged that the duo’s penises are legit large AF — 17.34 combined inches tip to tip to be precise.

Pall’s rant is the second celebrity Snapchat exposure of the year. In July, Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift for being a snake for really giving Kanye West her blessing to write about her in his controversial song Famous. Still, The Chainsmokers Snap is hella better.

Here’s to hoping someone recognizes the robbers so the case can be solved and The Chainsmokers can get back to making beautiful music ASAP. The last thing the thief needs is to pawn a brand new piano and use the money to get another horrendous tattoo.







Pop Culture

George Clooney Donates $500,000 and Pledges to March in Student-Led Gun Control March




Thousands of teenagers are taking matters into their own hands after last week’s shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, replaced Columbine as the deadliest high school shooting on American soil. Outspokenly unwilling to sit on their asses and wait for adults to do something to help prevent more massacres from taking place, they’re advocating for stricter gun laws and more mental health resources for treating their peers, swiftly mobilizing in a way that is commanding attention of the world.

Calls to action have spread across social media, from school walkouts to a march on Washington.

Student organizers got the surprise of their lives when George Clooney donated half-a-million dollars in support. The actor even pledged that he’d be there, alongside wife Amal.


“The mission and focus of March For Our Lives is to demand that a comprehensive and effective bill be immediately brought before Congress to address these gun issues,” according to their website. “No special interest group, no political agenda is more critical than timely passage of legislation to effectively address the gun violence issues that are rampant in our country.”

Other celebrities have voiced their support for the students’ efforts on social media, including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Cher.

The March For Our Lives will take place on March 24.

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Haters can say it’s fake, but Justin Timberlake has No. 1 album





Justin Timberlake snagged the No.1 Spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 album chart with “Man of the Woods,” despite harsh reviews and a Super Bowl halftime show that was deemed underwhelming on social media and by music critics.

“Man of the Woods,” Timberlake’s first studio album since 2013, sold more than 242,000 units in its first week of release, according to Nielsen Music data released on Monday.

The Billboard 200 chart tallies units from album sales, song sales (10 songs equal one album) and streaming activity (1,500 streams equal one album).

“Man of the Woods” marks Timberlake’s fourth Billboard No.1 album and was the biggest-selling album in the U.S. since Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” in December 2017, Billboard said.

It debuted at No.1 after a Feb. 4 Super Bowl performance consisting mostly of Timberlake’s old hits that also featured a controversial segment featuring a huge projection of Prince, who died in 2016.

The former NSYNC singer also took heat on social media for failing to mention, or perform with, Janet Jackson after an infamous 2004 Super Bowl appearance which ended with Timberlake ripping off Jackson’s top and accidentally briefly exposing her breast.

Nevertheless, the Super Bowl and halftime show were watched by some 103 million Americans on television. Nielsen Music reported last week that on-demand audio and video streams for all of the songs performed by Timberlake jumped 45 percent on the day after the game, compared to the day before.

Timberlake, best known for pop tracks like “SexyBack” and “Rock Your Body,” promoted “Man of the Woods” as a country-inspired album that took him back to his Memphis roots.

But the album had few fans among music reviewers. Esquire called it “disappointing” and “kind of embarrassing,” while USA Today said the album “can’t pull off its Americana-pop fusion.”

On the digital Billboard songs chart, which measures online single sales, Timberlake had three songs in the top 20 – “Say Something” featuring Chris Stapleton, “Man of the Woods,” and his 2016 hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Canadian rapper Drake took the top spot with “God’s Plan,” with more than 55,00 units sold.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant, Editing by Rosalba O’Brien)

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Kanye West settles lawsuit of Saint Pablo tour cancellation



Kanye West and Lloyd’s of London insurers have resolved a $10 million lawsuit over the rapper’s cancellation of his 2016 tour.

A California federal court judge on Wednesday dismissed the lawsuit brought by West’s Very Good Touring company against syndicates of Lloyd’s of London insurance markets after requests by both parties, court documents showed.

Paul Schrieffer, the attorney representing Lloyd’s, said on Thursday that the dispute “was resolved amicably” but gave no details. West’s attorney did not return a request for comment.

West sued Lloyd’s for nearly $10 million in insurance payouts after he abruptly canceled his Saint Pablo tour in November 2016 with more than 20 shows left.

His lawsuit said he canceled because he was hospitalized with a “serious, debilitating medical condition.” The nature of West’s medical issues, which followed a week of no-shows, curtailed concerts and on-stage political rants, have never been disclosed.

Lloyd’s filed a countersuit saying there were “substantial irregularities” in the rapper’s medical history and noting that its policies exclude any losses caused by the possession or use of illegal drugs, the impact of prescription drugs not used as prescribed, or the use of alcohol.

West has kept a low profile, with few public appearances, since November 2016. He and his wife Kim Kardashian last month announced the arrival of a third child, this time born to a surrogate.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Editing by David Gregorio)

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