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How Awarding Startups Free Rent for 6 Months Is Kickstarting a Renaissance in Scranton

Photograph by Justin Adam Brown, Better than the Weekend



The cultural and economic identity of America has long been linked to innovation and entrepreneurship. A thriving economy relies on a balanced mix of established corporations and startups.


However, a national decline in new business formation is threatening this healthy balance in all but just a few super-performing cities. Startup formation has become geographically clustered, with half of the rise in new business creation from 2010 to 2014 occurring in only 20 of America’s 3,000-plus counties — ultimately creating elite hubs for job growth and tax revenue and limiting those with entrepreneurial spirit in the rest of the country.

Business and real-estate developer Donald Rinaldi, of Scranton, Pa., realizes small businesses are “the engine that drives the economy of any city.” That’s why he ignited an initiative — the “Kickstart Art” challenge — to provide resources and mentorship to creative entrepreneurs earlier this year. The challenge encouraged businesses focused around the arts to compete for a storefront in Scranton’s Bogart Court Boutique Shops, part of the Renaissance at 500 Lackawanna Avenue, a downtown residential and business development that’s also complete with luxury residences, a park, and retail and restaurant space. The award for winning the challenge was free rent for the first six months of a one-year lease. Rinaldi saw the competitive challenge as an opportunity to be the first piece in the puzzle of creating an arts district in Scranton.

“I knew this could help arts-related businesses who always wanted their own brick-and-mortar store to take the next step by giving them a head start,” Rinaldi said.


Not one but three new businesses won the challenge: Trinity Studios, Grapevine Design & Trinka Studios, and AOS Metals.

Kari Johnson is the artist behind AOS Metals. The shop, which stands for art of simplicity, sells hand-made metal jewelry crafted by Johnson.

AOS Metals owner, Kari Johnson, right, selling her handcrafted jewelry to a customer. | Photograph by Justin Adam Brown, Better than the Weekend

Photograph by Elena Yu, Better than the Weekend

Photograph by Elena Yu, Better than the Weekend

She said she wouldn’t be a business owner without the help of Rinaldi’s vision for an arts district.

“I knew how to create, but I didn’t understand what it took to form your skill into a business — not until Don mentored me throughout the process of the ‘Kickstart Art’ challenge,” Johnson said. “Don went through the ins and outs of what it takes to start a business. I learned a lot from him. We also had to take a free class through the Small Business Development Center to be considered for the challenge.”

Johnson admires what her mentor, Rinaldi, is doing for the city of Scranton.

“He’s making it possible for people to stay in Scranton and not have to leave the area to find success in starting a business or building a career that deals with creativity,” Johnson said. “I didn’t think I’d be able to stay around here and have a business like this. Bogart Court used to be a dirty back alley. The people I talk to who come to the shop keep saying how they’re dying to see more opportunity like this in Scranton.”

AOS Metals also sells hand-made items by other artists.

“I know how difficult it can be to get in the zone of turning your art into a profitable business,” Johnson said. “I want to help other people get in that mindset by selling their items in my store. Whether it’s handmade greeting cards, T-Shirts, scarves, whatever, I know how that when people are buying and appreciating your hard work, it can be extremely motivating to keep creating.”

Handcrafted soap sold at AOS Metals in Scranton, Pa. | Photograph by Elena Yu, Better than the Weekend

Handcrafted wallet sold at AOS Metals in Scranton, Pa. | Photograph by Elena Yu, Better than the Weekend

Handmade birth announcements sold at AOS Metals in Scranton, Pa. | Photograph by Elena Yu, Better than the Weekend

Johnson said she hopes the new storefronts at Bogart Court Boutique Shops will inspire others to stay in the city of Scranton and turn their skills into new businesses in the new year.




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brit

    December 14, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    Kari at AOS has been an absolute visionary from Wyoming, Montana, I think Colorado and many others. If you’re looking for a unique piece or anything no one else can find go to this girl.

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