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7 Types of Party Girls You’ll Find at Any Holiday Party

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My name is Alexcis. We have all experienced, one way or another, seeing or being a certain type of party girl.

These are the most common you will find at any party you got to. Now that it’s winter break and you’re home for the holidays, you might just find yourself being or partying with one of them. See which one you and your friends are!

1. The Emotional Party Girl

She’s the girl that once alcohol has entered her system turns into the biggest baby of all. Probably worse than any toddler because the problems she is crying her yes out for are most likely schoolwork, boys, and anything possible from that past that she hates about herself. She will most likely have makeup running down her face and will cling to anyone that will hear her out.

2. The Mom

There’s always one in every friend group. You can easily find her by looking to see if she is the sober, holding some girl’s hair while she pukes, or yelling at a friend for being too drunk.  She takes care of you, yells at you, and occasionally finds you when you disappear. Most of all she either knows how to hold her liquor or goes out completely sober.

3. The Runner

Usually too drunk to function, this girl likes to sprint off without a single sound or word. She can be dancing right next to you and in a split second is halfway across the campus at another party. She tends to lose her phone or have the battery die and can be difficult to find. She may seem slow sober but a drop of liquor has her running close to Usain Bolt’s speed.

4. The Seducer

Very flirty and will try to hook any guy in sight, this type of girl, usually single but sometimes may have a boyfriend, just does not even care. Shell flirt with her eyes, use her body, and say anything to get the guy’s attention. More often than not it works and she goes home a winner. If she doesn’t get the guy she will need to be reassured of how pretty she is about 27 times from any other guy at the party. She will abandon friends and not give two shits about it.

 6. The Snapper 

She is going to snapchat every moment of the party. She’ll make you look like a puppy when you take that shot of vodka and she’ll slo-mo you making out with that creepy guy so you’ll never forget it, at least not for the next 24 hours.

6. Starving Sally

Any type of food mentioned at a party gets this girl going. She will leave the party for that $1 slice of pizza and go right back when she’s done. She will also eat so much that you have no idea how she is going to stomach it all. This girl will also abandon any guy she is talking to just to go home and cuddle up against a box or two of pizza from her favorite place. Nothing gets in the way of a party girl and her food.

7. The Girl Who Is Giving the Party Life

The life of the party! Every party needs one, every party girl needs one to party with. She’s the girl making sure everyone is having a great time. She’s dancing, drinking, mingling, and setting the vibe.


Watch This Solider Dunk for Donuts



Jason Ciesielski is a Field Artillery Soldier in the Army National Guard and an athlete making his mark on social media. When he’s not busy serving his country, the 20-year-old can be seen on his Instagram and Facebook page showing off high box jumps, dead lifts and freestyle dunks.

“I want to empower people to be the best, strongest versions of themselves,” he says.

Jason recently went Live on Facebook with Better than the Weekend to dunk while treating himself to one of his guilty pleasures — Dunkin’ Donuts. He picked out four of his favorite fried cakes of sweetened dough and made sure he dunked before indulging his sweet tooth. Moral of the story: You can still be fit and eat what you want, as long as you work for it.

Watch and see how he did. Ladies, you’re welcome. 😉

Dunkin' for Donuts

Real men earn their donuts 🏅Ask Jason Tyler Ciesielski

Posted by Better than the Weekend on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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How to Stop Being a Pussy and Be the Lion You Were Born to Be



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We are hard-wired to be lions; to go after something we want.



It’s in our nature to be a total savage when chasing after our desires — despite the consequences. In modern culture, where social media is redefining our lifestyle, we seem to be transforming into this fear-based robot who stays in their comfort zone and doesn’t reach too far.



My name is Jesse Mundt. I’m a 23-year-old realtor from New Jersey. I’m not worried about remembering Harambe, learning the fucking Juju dance or getting blackout wasted. I’m focused on hitting my goals. I want to see other millennials get as excited as I am about hitting their goals. That’s why I’m here to offer some advice on how to break this formula of being a pussy and finally be the lion you were born to be.

Don’t be a dick. Hear me out.

You’re probably a lot like me, actually. I want to be rich and successful.


Photo provided by Jesse Mundt

But before we move forward, I believe we have to go backward.

First step in being a fucking lion is to sit down and be your 6-year-old self again — this time with some intellect. Ask yourself these questions: What do you want your life to look like if you couldn’t fail? How much money do you want to make? How big do you want your house to be? What’s your dream car?

Be specific. Your answers should give you butterflies and chills just thinking about them.

Next, dust off the creativity and imagination of your childhood self and dream BIG. Imagine your adult life if your childhood dreams became a reality. (Remember, you only limit your own thoughts. So go fucking wild while dreaming what your life could be like.)

Lastly, find a mentor. Someone who has what you want and is willing to teach you how to get it. Keep in mind, you can’t teach what you don’t have so be careful who you take advice from, especially those close to you. (For example, if you want to make $100,000 each year but the person teaching you makes $60,000 a year, it’s impossible. You get it.)

Being a gentleman isn’t limited to how you respect a woman. A true gentleman works on himself and constantly strives for growth. It’s not only our duty as gentleman, but as human beings.
That’s how he become a fearless lion and takes on the world.



Are you willing to give up your comfort zone to go up?

I am.

From one gentleman to another,


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How to Be Philanthropic Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t have be a celebrity with a $1 million check to make an impact on someone else.



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Philanthropy became an essential part of my life during my fraternity days. Believe it or not, giving back to the community is a key element in Greek culture.


Sure, most of our money went toward books and beer, but it was important to us to spend a generous amount of our time being charitable. Participating in philanthropy, as I learned, benefits underprivileged people, helps promote the reputation of yourself or your organization, and just makes you feel good.


Better than the Weekend decided to get involved and give something back by spending a morning at St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen in Scranton, PA. From 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. me and two of my interns, Justine and Dana, prepped and served lunch to guests in need of a hot and nutritious meal.


You don’t have be a celebrity with a $1 million check to make an impact on someone else. And it doesn’t have to be National Philanthropy Day to give back. Here are some ways you can be philanthropic without breaking the bank.

1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, nursing home or children’s hospital.

At the soup kitchen, some of the people who came to get a meal thanked us individually for being their to help them. That feeling they felt didn’t cost a penny on our ends.


2. Take some cookies to the local police or fire departments.

Let people who risk their lives to serve and protect us know they’re appreciated it. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make some cookies and it doesn’t take much time. It’ll likely make their day!


3. Invite someone for a walk.

When you see a friend or co-worker stressed out, let them know you’re there for them by inviting them to do something that can get their mind off whatever is bothering them. A person doesn’t have to be homeless and living under a bridge to need someone to reach out to them.


4. Listen!

We’re so often caught up in our own lives that we don’t always take the time to listen to someone who is going through something. Making someone feel heard and worth being listened to can make them feel better.


5. Pay for the person behind you.

It could be a cup of coffee at Starbucks or the toll on a road trip. Spotting the person behind you in line will surprise them, make their day and remind them there’s good in the world.

That’s what philanthropy is all about.

Cheers to putting some good out there.





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