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7 Types of Party Girls You’ll Find at Any Holiday Party

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My name is Alexcis. We have all experienced, one way or another, seeing or being a certain type of party girl.

These are the most common you will find at any party you got to. Now that it’s winter break and you’re home for the holidays, you might just find yourself being or partying with one of them. See which one you and your friends are!

1. The Emotional Party Girl

She’s the girl that once alcohol has entered her system turns into the biggest baby of all. Probably worse than any toddler because the problems she is crying her yes out for are most likely schoolwork, boys, and anything possible from that past that she hates about herself. She will most likely have makeup running down her face and will cling to anyone that will hear her out.

2. The Mom

There’s always one in every friend group. You can easily find her by looking to see if she is the sober, holding some girl’s hair while she pukes, or yelling at a friend for being too drunk.  She takes care of you, yells at you, and occasionally finds you when you disappear. Most of all she either knows how to hold her liquor or goes out completely sober.

3. The Runner

Usually too drunk to function, this girl likes to sprint off without a single sound or word. She can be dancing right next to you and in a split second is halfway across the campus at another party. She tends to lose her phone or have the battery die and can be difficult to find. She may seem slow sober but a drop of liquor has her running close to Usain Bolt’s speed.

4. The Seducer

Very flirty and will try to hook any guy in sight, this type of girl, usually single but sometimes may have a boyfriend, just does not even care. Shell flirt with her eyes, use her body, and say anything to get the guy’s attention. More often than not it works and she goes home a winner. If she doesn’t get the guy she will need to be reassured of how pretty she is about 27 times from any other guy at the party. She will abandon friends and not give two shits about it.

 6. The Snapper 

She is going to snapchat every moment of the party. She’ll make you look like a puppy when you take that shot of vodka and she’ll slo-mo you making out with that creepy guy so you’ll never forget it, at least not for the next 24 hours.

6. Starving Sally

Any type of food mentioned at a party gets this girl going. She will leave the party for that $1 slice of pizza and go right back when she’s done. She will also eat so much that you have no idea how she is going to stomach it all. This girl will also abandon any guy she is talking to just to go home and cuddle up against a box or two of pizza from her favorite place. Nothing gets in the way of a party girl and her food.

7. The Girl Who Is Giving the Party Life

The life of the party! Every party needs one, every party girl needs one to party with. She’s the girl making sure everyone is having a great time. She’s dancing, drinking, mingling, and setting the vibe.


15 Works of ART that will motivate you to get your life together PRONTO!



The internet is filled with motivational quotes aimed to inspire people to get off their phone and live their best life! If only double-tapping an inspirational quote on Insta would actually prompt due action to get the success you know you deserve, then everyone would be as rich and happy as Bob Saget.

Graphic design king Jeff Cole realized inspirational memes won’t do shit for your success unless their design is dope and their message doesn’t disappear after looking away from your phone. The vision needs to be a reminder in constant view. Right in front of your face. On your wall. Cole’s online canvas art company, Ikonick, has a collection of unique images that will likely give you the push you need to stop wanting a better life and commence action.(Better than the Weekend has three pieces hanging in the office.)

Here’s some that you may want to add to your wall.

You Can’t Deposit Excuses ATM

Stop Watching 


Level Up

Forbes List

Ingredient For Success & Success Marks The Spot

Money Hungry

No Risk. No Reward.

Mind Of A Hustler. Heart Of A King. 

Remember Why You Started


Nobody Cares

Leave Your Excuses At The Door

The entire collection can be viewed on or Instagram @ikonick.

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Vintage Frat Is the Life of the Party on Instagram Right Now, Possibly Forever



Gone are the days of moms and dads knocking on wood that social media didn’t exist when they were young, dumb and figuring out the world. Remnants of debauchery from past generations are resurfacing on @vintagefrat, an Instagram account paying homage to legendary fraternity throwbacks.

Here’s some of the of the most lit pics from Vintage Fraternity. (Warning: You may see your mom or dad.)

“Hello Ladies, welcome to pledgeship. I’ll be your guide.”

Saturday’s are for the Brothers. 

Take a moment to respect the most legendary composite of all time. 

Daytona Beach ’89 was wild. #AskYourDad

There was always that one Brother who understood the meaning of life. 

Here’s why your dad’s friends call him Superman. 

And here’s when your dad met your mom. 

Reminding the children of the future that House Hounds need to be the focus of every fraternity house.

And here’s a reminder that Benny the Beaver was probably with your girl. 

Tribute to the Brother who didn’t even attend one class all semester.

Classic Spring Break transportation. 

Sure, Greek Life has it’s fair share of wild times.  

But @vintagefrat is a solid reminder that Greek Life is also a resume builder, putting students in positions that prepare them for the future. 

Mainly, Greek Life is about togetherness. #NeverForget #AskYourDad

Go follow @vintagefrat on Instagram and then follow @betterthantheweekend.

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Why University of Scranton Is the Perfect Place to Find a Husband



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I’m a senior at The University of Scranton in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I’m here to tell you why my school is the perfect place to find a husband.

From the day I arrived as a freshman in search of a degree and a good time, I was told I should also search for a husband here by upperclassmen who were taking courses toward their ‘MRS’ degree. (That’s Mrs., a.k.a. a master’s degree in finding a man.) Oh, they exist. If they haven’t landed a man by the fall semester of their senior year, they’re adding extra credit hours in getting a ring by spring.


It’s not like I can blame them. I acknowledge that there’s certainly some good looking guys at this school — it’s hard not to.


But I couldn’t see myself spending the rest of my life with one. You see, there’s a distinct type of guy that typically goes to this school. They’re the epitome of a rich, preppy white guy.


They tuck in their pastel button-down shirts and sport a pair of loafers to hit the bar scene on a Friday night. Their idea of dressing down is wearing a $42 plain-white Vineyard Vine T-Shirt. They dress like a middle-aged, balding, career-crazed father of three.


Oh, and they drink like one, too. They basically look and act like a stereotypical man in their 40s who is unhappy with his wife, life, and needs to binge-drink, binge-smoke and binge-fuck his way out of jumping out of the top floor of the Wall Street skyscraper he works in.

Meanwhile, all I want is a cute guy who takes his schoolwork seriously, has a little height on me and wants to eat chicken wings off my curvy bottom.


But my options seem to be limited to college boys who look like they’re trying to impersonate their fathers.

I guess the girls who told me The University of Scranton is the perfect place to find a husband were right. I just didn’t know they looked like a 42-year-old alumni’s husband.

I guess my only chance at getting a ring by spring is if one of them saves the dad-look for when they actually work on Wall Street. But I’m cool enjoying my senior year with my friends. My philosophy in life is that everything happens for a reason and plans are a waste of time.

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